Flags flying outside Wang Center


Our vision is to be an internationally recognized center in data and computational science, having vibrant multidisciplinary research and education programs, with broad leadership and benefit across Stony Brook and SUNY, and with demonstrated economic benefit to New York State.


To realize our vision we will:

  • Advance the intellectual foundations of computation and data, with high-impact applications in engineering and the physical, environmental, life sciences and the humanities;
  • Grow our faculty and students emphasizing excellence and diversity  in coordination with academic units across Stony Brook and with Brookhaven National Laboratory;
  • Build a highly-productive, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment for research and education; and
  • Grow our research programs and facilities,  and establish regional, national and international partnerships with industry, government laboratories and academia.

We presently have 11 faculty spanning chemistry, materials by design, condensed matter, astrophysics, atmospheric science, nano-science, sociology, applied mathematics, and computer science. Another approximate 30 faculty are affiliated with the institute from diverse departments, and we are actively recruiting two senior endowed positions and two junior positions in computer science and applied mathematics.

We began with a transformational $10 million anonymous donation plus matching funds of equal value from the Simons Foundation that enabled Stony Brook University to establish our institute. Our integrated, multidisciplinary team of faculty, students, and staff overcome the limitations at the very core of how we compute, collectively take on challenges of otherwise overwhelming complexity and scale, and individually and jointly define new frontiers and opportunities for discovery through computation.