IACS Junior Researcher Award

This award is given to continuing PhD graduate students in the fall of their third year, or later in their graduate study, who are conducting full-time research and are recognized as outstanding junior researchers by institute faculty or affiliates

How to apply?
The application consists of a two-step review process:

1. The first round consists of submitting (in pdf form) a jr.res_._application3.pdf, a CV, a 2-page research statement, a letter from your advisor, and a presentation outline.

  • The research statement should clearly state how the candidate will advance science in his/her field of interest and highlight any interdisciplinary aspects to the research. (References are not counted in the 2-page limit.)
  • The letter from your advisor should clearly state the contributions you have made to your field and how your research differs from their own. Please note: Only one student per research group can be nominated for this award.
  • These documents should be submitted in pdf form to iacs@stonybrook.edu, and the documents will be reviewed by an IACS award committee.

2. If the candidate receives committee approval, he/she moves to the second round of review which is to give a presentation (12 minutes in length) to the IACS review committee, and the candidate should be prepared to take questions after the presentation. A final decision will be made by the review committee once the candidate completes the presentation.

What does the award provide?
The award is in the form of a lump-sum payment that is in addition to the regular stipend provided by the home department or research grant. The award brings total payment for the student to $34,000 for 1 calendar year, plus $4K per year for travel. (The recipient of the award is responsible for determining if the payments received are taxable or non-taxable income when filing his/her individual income tax return. It is suggested that the recipient should seek professional advice from the IRS or income tax advisors regarding this matter.)

What are our expectations?
Participation in student organized activities
Attendance at our student and faculty seminar events
Meet with the IACS Director once a year
Mentoring an IACS New Recruit

What are the continuation requirements?
Continuation of the award for another year is contingent upon an outstanding follow-up evaluation by the student’s advisor and research committee as well as another presentation before the IACS Award Committee. Also required is that the student receive no less than a B in any graduate course taken throughout the duration of the academic year in which the award was given along with at least a B+ GPA. The award cannot be extended beyond 2 years. A copy of the student's transcript, the PI's evaluation as well as the outline of the presentation must be sent to iacs@stonybrook.edu by June 1. 


Past Winners

  Adam Jacobs Bryan Perozzi        
  Adam Jacobs Bryan Perozzi Philip McDowall Adrian Soto-Cambres    
  Philip McDowall Adrian Soto-Cambres  Zeyang Ye  Aditi Ghai    
  Aditi Ghai Alena Aksenova Bento Goncalves Maria Barrios Sazo Rathish Das Zeyang Ye