Research Day 2018

Join us for the Institute for Advanced Computational Science's third annual Research Day.  Presentations will be made by our 2017 IACS Junior Researcher Award Winners Alena Aksenova (Linguistics), Bento Goncalves (Ecology & Evolution), Maria Barrios Sazo (Physics & Astronomy) and Rathish Das (Computer Science) in addition to a poster session.  Lunch will be provided for all attendees.  Registration is required to attend. 

If you are an IACS faculty member or student and would like to present a poster, please be sure to include your poster title on the registration form. Upon review, you will be contacted by IACS for instructions regarding poster setup instructions.  Poster printing assistance is available. 
Registration deadline (for non-poster presenters) is Wednesday, March 28th.
Poster files and slides are due Monday, March 26th. 





Registration & Coffee IACS Seminar Room


Alena Aksenova, Linguistics
2017 Student Award Winner Presentation

Laufer Center Auditorium 101


Bento Goncalves, Ecology & Evolution
2017 Student Award Winner Presentation
Laufer Center Auditorium 101


Rathish Das, Computer Science
2017 Student Award Winner Presentation
Laufer Center Auditorium 101


Maria Guadalupe Barrios Sazo, Physics & Astronomy
2017 Student Award Winner Presentation
Laufer Center Auditorium 101


Lightening Round Presentations

Laufer Center Auditorium 101
IACS Research Day Group Picture Outside Front of IACS Building


Lunch with Poster Session Posters-Lobby
Lunch - IACS Seminar Room


Damage Accumulation during Cumulative Bombardments in Tungsten containing Free Surfaces and Grain Boundaries by Yang Zhang, Materials Science

Castro, Maestro, and the AMReX Astrophysics Suite by Michgael Zingale 

Investigating Grain Boundary Segregation Strengthening in Nanocrystalline Al-Mg with Molecular Dynamics by Wenbo Wang, Materials Science

Subregular Complexity Across Speech and Sign by Jonathan Rawski, Linguistics

The White Dwarf Convective Urca Process with Low Mach Hydrodynamics by Donald Willcox, Physics & Astronomy

OpenSHMEM: A Communications Library for Performance and Resilience by Delafrouz Mirfenderski, Abdullah Shahneous Bari and Wenbin Lu, Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Adaptive Numerical Solution of the Dirac Equation in MADNESS by Joel Anderson, Applied Mathematics & Statistics

MADNESS: Linear Response by Bryan Sundahl, Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Large Eddy Simulations of Premixed Low Temperature Combustion Engines Using High Performance Computing by Aimilios Sofianopoulos

A HPC-aware programming model for Big Data analysis by Hamidreza Asaadi, Computer Science, Debneil Saha Roy, Applied Mathematic & Statistics and Barbara Chapman, Computer Science & Applied Mathemathics & Statistics

Computational Models of Morphological Copying by Hossep Dolatian, Linguistics

Understanding Polarization Asymmetry in PbTiO3/SrRuO3 Superlattices by Simon Divilov, Physics & Astronomy

Improving DFT Calculations of Water with Machine Learning by Sebastian Dick

Multilevel Incomplete LU-Factorization Preconditioner for Predominantly Symmetric Systems by Aditi Ghai, Applied Mathematics & Statistics

The Weibull Renewal Process Model. We Know Lobsters Smell Good, But Do We Know How They Smell? by Logan Becker, Neurobiology and Behavior 

Learning from Linguistically Structured Hypothesis Spaces by Jonathan Rawski, Linguistics, Jeffrey Heinz (Linguistics, SBU), Adam Jardine (Rutgers), and Jane Chandlee (Haverford)

Fathoming the depths: trainability conditions for Deep Neural Networks by Piotr Sokol, Neurobiology and Behavior

CFD Simulations of a New Low Temperature Combustion Mode Using a Biofuel by Mozhgan Rahimi Boldaji, Mechanical Engineering

Computer-aided design of novel inhibitors of fatty acid binding protein by Lauren Prentis, Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Orthogonal approach to computational bimolecular screening: Application to glycoprotein E of Zika Virus by Stephen Telehany


Wednesday, April 4, 2018


10 am - 2 pm


Laufer Center Auditorium 101 IACS Seminar Room