Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of the Effects of Direct Water Injection on Advanced Combustion

HCCI engine is a form of internal combustion engine which inherits high thermal efficiency of CI engines and low PM emissions of SI engines. However, high pressure rise rates in high load operation and lack of controllability, limit HCCI practical application. An approach to tackle these issues is injecting water in the combustion chamber. In the present work, 3D CFD model coupled with the KH/RT spray model was developed to simulate the effect of water injection on HCCI engines. Advanced grid handling techniques were adopted to increase computational accuracy while balancing computational cost.


Mozhgan Rahimi Boldaji is a PHD student in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Her research includes the multi-dimensional modeling of internal combustion engine (ICE) to lower the level of harmful pollutant emissions and increase the efficiency of internal combustion engine. In particular, her research includes spray modeling and studying the effect of partial substitution of hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO) with high cetane number fuel in ICE.


Mozhgan Rahimi Boldaji


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


1:15 pm - 2:15 pm


IACS Seminar Room