Joint Science Meeting

The “Joint Science Meeting” is the central enabling activity of the partnership between the Tokyo Institute of technology and Stony Brook University as we pursue our common interests in science, engineering, technology, and especially the education and preparation of students. It is an opportunity for our faculty and students, as well as our external collaborators, to share their knowledge and passion, and to identify and develop new opportunities for collaboration. Participants from Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), Stony Brook University (SBU), Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), the Northeast region of the United States and elsewhere in the country will come to SBU to participate in a 3-day workshop to discuss the common threads among the following topics:

  • Quantum computing
  • Physics: Small and Large Experiments
  • Materials Science Condensed matter/chemistry
  • HPC/Big data
  • Environmental science and/or engineering

The workshop will be held at the Wang Center at SBU. For a map of the campus, click here.


May 21, 2018

8:30am Coffee/Registration Wang Center Chapel
9:00am Welcome Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
  SESSION TOPIC: Environmental science and engineering
Morning Session Chair: Masahiro Kuze
9:15am Keynote
Prof. Shinjiro Kanae, TIT
Toward Next-Generation Global Terrestrial Water Cycle and Water Resources Modelling
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
10:00am Keynote
Dean Fotis Sotiropoulos, SBU
Tackling Complex Flow Problems via Numerical Simulation: From Blood Flow in the Heart to Wind Energy and River Flooding
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
10:45am Break Wang Center Chapel
  Late Morning Session Chair: Marivi Fernandez-Serra  
11:00am Assoc. Prof. Manabu Fujii, TIT
Environmental Behavior of Radioactive Material in River System after the Accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
11:30am Prof. Minghua Zhang,SBU
Global Sea-Level Rise for the 21st Century
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
12:00pm PhD candidate Ms. Orie Sasaki, TIT
Estimation of Debris Effects on Glacier Melts: A Energy Balance Glacier Model with Distribution of Supraglacial Debris Over the Central Europe
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2

PhD candidate Ms. Lisa Herbert, SBU
Benthic Recycling of Glacially Sourced Trace Metals in Marine Sediments of the High Arctic

Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
12:40pm Lunch Participants are on their own
  Working lunch  IACS Seminar Room, conference organizers
  SESSION TOPIC: Physics of the large and small
Afternoon Session Chair: Susumu Saito
2:00pm Keynote
Assoc. Prof. Alan Calder, SBU
Cosmic Chandlery with Thermonuclear Supernovae
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
2:45pm Assoc. Prof. Osamu Jinnouchi, TIT
Higgs Boson and Beyond
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
3:15pm Prof. Abhay Deshpande, SBU
Science and Status of the US Electron Ion Collider 
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
3:45pm Break Wang Center Chapel
  Late Afternoon Session Chair: Phil Allen  
4:00pm Asst Prof. Michael Wilking, SBU
Neutrino Oscillations, and the Search for Subtle Differences Between Matter and Anti-matter
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
4:30pm Dr. Meifeng Lin, BNL
Computational Challenges and Opportunities for Lattice Field Theory
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
5:00pm PhD candidate Mr. Joel Anderson, SBU
Adaptive Numerical Solution of the Dirac Equation in MADNESS
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
5:20pm PhD candidate Ms. Maria Barrios Sazo, SBU
MHD studies towards simulating White Dwarf Mergers with Castro 
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
5:40pm Day 1 completed  


May 22, 2018

8:15am Coffee/Registration Wang Center Chapel
8:45am Welcome Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
  SESSION TOPIC: Quantum computing
Morning Session Chair: Robert Harrison
9:00am Keynote
Dr. Bert de Jong, LBL
Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Computers as a Platform for Scientific Discovery
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
9:45am Dr. Yuki Susa, TIT
Introduction of Quantum Annealing and Ideas for Improving its Performance
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
10:15am Break Wang Center Chapel
  Late Morning Session Chair: Barbara Chapman  
10:30am Dr. Yudong Cao, Harvard
Recent Developments in Variational Quantum Algorithms
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2

Prof. Vladimir Korepin, SBU
Partial Search Algorithm

Wang Center Lecture Hall #2 

Assoc. Prof. Tzu-Chieh Wei, SBU
Spin Systems for Quantum Computation via Local Measurement

Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
12:00pm Group photo Wang Center Theater Lobby
12:15pm Lunch Participants on their own
  SESSION TOPIC: Condensed matter and atomic physics
Afternoon Session Chair: Prof. Bhanu Das
1:45pm Keynote
Prof. Susumu Saito, TIT
Challenges and Achievements in Electronic-Structure Study of Nanostructured Materials
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
2:30pm Prof. Emeritus Phil Allen, SBU
Beyond Quasiparticles: Computing Spectral Functions
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
3:00pm Break Wang Center Chapel
  Late Afternoon Session Chair: Hideo Sekino  
3:15pm Prof. Toshimasa Fujisawa, TIT
Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquids in Quantum Hall Edge Channels
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
3:45pm Asst. Prof. Mengkun Liu, SBU
Recent Development in Scattering-type Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope
Wang Center Theater Hall #2
4:15pm PhD candidate Mr. Yuki Bando, TIT
Formation of Quantum Wells due to Isotope Effect and Electron-Phonon Interactions in Isotopic Diamons Superlattice
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
4:35pm PhD candidate Ms. Vidushi Sharma, SBU
Understanding the Structure and Dynamics of Water in Oxide-Materials for Potential Energy Applications
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
4:55pm PhD candidate Mr. Akitada Sakurai, TIT
Relativistic Theory of the Electric Dipole Moment of Xenon Atom to Probe the New Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
5:30pm Poster Session Wang Center Theater Lobby
6:30pm Dinner Wang Center Zodiac Lobby
8:30pm Day 2 completed



May 23, 2018

8:15am Coffee/Registration Wang Center Chapel
8:45am Welcome Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
  SESSION TOPIC: HPC and big data
Morning Session Chair: Tony Curtis
9:00am Keynote
Prof. Barbara Chapman, SBU/BNL
HPC and Big Data: A Convergence of Interests
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
9:45am Dr. Frank Alexander, BNL
Computational Science at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
10:15am Break Wang Center Chapel
  Late Morning Session Chair: Alan Calder  
10:30am Asst. Prof. Zohreh Davoudi, RIKEN/University of Maryland
Standard Model Input for Nuclear Physics
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2
11:00am Prof Bhanu Das, TIT
The Role of High Performance Computing in the Search for New Physics beyond the Standard Model Using Atoms and Molecules 
Wang Center Lecture Hall #2

Assoc. Prof. Heather Lynch, SBU
Monitoring Pack-ice Seal Populations from Space with Deep Learning

Wang Center Lecture Hall #2 
12:00pm Day 3 completed  

SPEAKER PRESENTATIONS - Presentation files are due by May 15th to

All files will be transferred to a flash drive and queued up on the day of the speaker's presentation.

Presentation Length Guidelines

Keynote Speakers - 45 minutes 
Speakers - 30 minutes
Students - 20 minutes
*Presentation time includes file set up and 5 minutes of q & a

REGISTRATION/COSTS - Registration Deadline: May 18, 2018

Registration fees for SBU graduate students will be covered by IACS, but each student must present a poster in order to have the fee waived, and all posters must be approved by their advisors.
For SBU students only, please register here:


For SBU Faculty paying with state or RF funds, the conference fee is $173.
For non-SBU registrants or SBU faculty paying from personal funds, the conference fee is $205.

Please register here:

The costs for all coffee breaks and dinner on May 22 are covered through the registration fees.



Workshop participants can stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, located directly on campus, or the Holiday Inn Express, located 8 minutes from campus with a free shuttle and complimentary breakfast. The Holiday Inn Express also accepts Alipay & Wechat mobile wallets payment systems. 

Rates for both sites are only secured through April 21. After April 21 rooms and their pricing are subject to availability. Please consult the hotel websites for cancellation policies and fees. 

Hilton Garden Inn Stony Brook 
Room Rate: $159
Reservations: 631-941-2980
Group Reference Code: JAPAN
Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook
Room Rate: $124.99
Reservations: 1-800-HOLIDAY
Group Reference Code: IAC
There are two options to travel to/from NYC airports; the public railroad system or door-to-door car service. Click the links below to view the Long Island Rail Road schedules and fares or to make a reservation using our preferred car service company, Gold Coast Transportation. 
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
Gold Coast Transportation

There are several eateries on campus as well as in the surrounding community. For a list of on-campus facilities and their hours of operation, click here. There are also restaurants within walking distance on Route 25A across from the train station and along the eastern route toward Port Jefferson. 



For all non-SBU registrants, credentials for a guest account wil be emailed two weeks prior to the start date of the conference with access instructions and links to use for troubleshooting purposes. If you are abroad, you will not be able to test the system so please jot down the credentials and bring them with you to use once in the US. 



  • R. J. Harrison (co-Chair, IACS, Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • M. Kuze (co-Chair, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • B. Chapman (IACS, Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • B. P. Das (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • M. Fernandez-Serra (IACS, Stony Brook University)
  • T. Izubuchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • H. Sekino (IACS, Stony Brook University, Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Monday, May 21, 2018 to Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Stony Brook University, Wang Center/IACS