IACS Deputy Director Alan Calder IACS Affiliate Faculty Michael Zingale awarded 40M processor hours

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Alan Calder Michael Zingale

IACS Deputy Director Alan Calder (Co-PI) and IACS Affiliate Faculty Michael Zingale (PI), both from the Physics and Astronomy Department, were awarded 40M processor hours through the INCITE Leadership Computing program sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Their research, titled Approaching Exascale Models of Astrophysical Explosions, “will model astrophysical thermonuclear explosions, including Type Ia supernovae and X-ray bursts. Their open source application codes, Maestro and Castro, have been developed to take advantage of the hybrid architecture of the OLCF machines. Simulating these systems can provide insight into stellar phenomena observed in the night sky and the formation elements throughout the history of the Universe.” The machine on which they were allocated the processor hours is the Cray XK7, located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Other Co-PI research colleagues were from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Michigan State University; and Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

For more information, visit:http://www.doeleadershipcomputing.org/incite-program/. For a full list of INCITE award winners, see http://www.doeleadershipcomputing.org/awards/2018INCITEFactSheets.pdf.