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Jennifer Heerwig

Jason Jones

Matt Lebo

Andrew H. Schwartz

Steven Skiena

Arnout van de Rijt



Selected Publications & Media

Eran Shor, Arnout van de Rijt, Alex Miltsov, Vivek Kulkarni, and Steven Skiena. 2015. “A Paper Ceiling: Explaining the Persistent Underrepresentation of Women in Printed News.” American Sociological Review 111(19):6934–6939. Media: The GuardianYahooNPR WisconsinPacific StandardRAIFinancial ExpressBusiness Standard

van de Rijt, Arnout; Kang, Soong Moon; Restivo, Michael; and Patil, Akshay. 2014. “Field Experiments of Success-Breeds-Success Dynamics.” PNAS 111(19):6934–6939. Media: Economist, Time Magazine, National Geographic, WAMC 

Schwartz, H. Andrew, Johannes Eichstaedt, Margaret L. Kern, Lukasz Dziurzynski, Stephanie Ramones, M. Agrawal, A. Shah, A., M. Kosinski, D. Stillwell, Martin Seligman, and Lyle Ungar. 2013. “Personality, Gender, and Age in the Language of Social Media: The Open-Vocabulary Approach.” PLoS ONE 8(9). Media: Wired, Slate, NYT Bits

Bond, Robert M., Christopher J. Fariss. Jones, Jason J., Adam D. I. Kramer, Christopher Marlow, Jaime E. Settle, and James H. Fowler. 2013. “A 61-Million-Person Experiment in Social Influence and Political Mobilization.” Nature 489(7415): 295-298. Media: New York Times

van de Rijt, Arnout, Eran Shor, Charles Ward and Steven Skiena. 2013. "Only Fifteen Minutes? The Social Stratification of Fame in English-Language Media." American Sociological Review 78(2):266-89. LA Times, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail

Skiena, Steven, and Charles Ward. 2013. Who’s Bigger? Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press. Smithsonian, Wikipedia, Huffington Post 


Recent Awards 

Arnout van de Rijt, Eran Shor, Charles Ward and Steven Skiena. 2014 Clifford Geertz Prize for Best Article, American Sociological Association, Culture section, for the article “Only Fifteen Minutes? The Social Stratification of Fame in Printed Media”

Matthew Lebo. 2013 Dean's Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Education by a Graduate Program Director

Arnout van de Rijt. 2010 Linton C. Freeman Distinguished Young Scholar Award, International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), for significant contributions to the scientific study of social structure.


Recent Grants

Jie Gao and Jason Jones. 2015. NSF. "Modeling and Understanding Complex Influence in Social Networks." $356,845

Martin Seligman, H. Andrew Schwartz and Lyle Ungar. 2014. TRT. The World Well-Being Project: Measuring Well-Being Using Big Data, Social Media and Language Analyses. $3,800,000

Arnout van de Rijt. 2013. NSF. Field Experiments and Formal Models of Arbitrary Social Inequality. $274,769

Jeff Manza and Jennifer Heerwig. RSF. The Role of Individual Donors in Campaign Finance. $40,000

Steven Skiena. 2010. NSF. Better Sentiment Analysis through Forecasting. $423,164